Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Chiropractic

New Years Chiropractic

Every year athletes, from runners, to golfers, to hockey players sustain numerous injuries to their joints, muscles, and bones. In fact, in any given year, one in five runners will sustain a stress fracture. In the United States alone, this number constitutes about two million stress fractures annually.

From the start of New Years, to the end of 2012, athletic stress fractures are going to occur. The question is, how will these individuals go about treatment? Hopefully they will be treated by a doctor or two, and eventually seek out the help of a Chiropractic Physician as well. Chiropractors are doctors that help to alleviate the pain and stress on joints and bones.

For instance, muscle strength plays an important role in how easily a stress fracture will occur. There was a study where a 10 millimeter reduction in calf size increased the potential for a tibial fracture. There have also been multiple cases of athletes who have had such strong neck muscles that they prevented themselves from fracturing their necks. There was even a case of a US gold medal athlete who continued to wrestle on a broken neck! That's one strong neck muscle!

As for Chiropractic, it is essential that we maintain a steady diet, exercise, and healthy living. Steady chiropractic visits can also reduce pain and help to heal previously injured joints and bones. Athletes and non-athletes both have a risk of a stress fracture, unfortunately athletes put more stress on their bones, though their muscle mass can help to prevent fractures.

Chiropractic is a way for an individual to supplement other activities for healthy living. It should most definitely be one of your New Year's resolutions to frequently visit your chiropractor in 2012. Who knows? Perhaps it will actually help ease some pain.

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